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Buying International Flights for Brazil

There are many different entry points for international flights arriving in Brazil, and with a little information you can make your journeys to and from Brazil, and around the country too, cheaper and easier on yourself logistically.

The main entry point for international flights is Guarulhos Airport (code GRU) in Sao Paulo, which received some 26 million passengers in 2010, almost 40% of those on international flights. Guarulhos is the largest airport in South America, and sits 25km north-east of the city. New international routes are opening regularly there all the time.

Rio de Janeiro is another popular place to arrive of course, with many airlines covering the two major cities of Brazil, sometimes on the same flight. Both cities also connect with the other South American capitals and major cities.

There are also international flights leaving directly from Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Natal and now Porto Alegre for Europe and the USA, with Florianopolis and Porto Alegre also having direct connections to Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay to the south. Iguazu Falls also has a direct connection over The Andes to Lima in Peru. 

Below is a list of the airlines that cover routes involving Brazil. 

Brazilian Airlines that fly outside of South America: TAM

Brazilian Airlines that fly to South American capitals: TAM; GOL

Brazilian Airlines that fly around Brazil: TAM; GOL; OceanAir, Trip, Azul, Jetsul and WebJet

South America: Aerolineas Argentinas; Aero Sur; Avianca; LAN; Pluna; Surinam; TACA.

North & Central America: Aeromexico; Air Canada; Air Caraibe; American; Continental; Copa; Delta; Korean (via LAX); United; US Airways.

Europe: Air China (via Madrid); Air Europa; Air France; Alitalia; British Airways; BMI; Condor; Iberia; KLM; Lufthansa; Spanair; Swiss; TAP; Turkish; Transaereo (Rio only); TUIfly; US Airways (Rio only)

Africa: South African; TAAG;

Middle-East & Asia: El Al; Korean (via LAX); Emirates; Malaysian (via Cape Town); Nippon; Qatar; Singapore (via Barcelona); Turkish.

Below is a list of the airlines which have links with each major city in Brazil. Please note that this does not mean that the airlines themselves fly there, but they share flights with TAM usually, so they may be the best option for you, or at least help you find the place to begin your searches.

Sao Paulo

TAM; GOL; TRIP; Puma; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Aerolineas Argentinas; Aeromexico; AeroSur; Air Canada; Air China; Air France; Alitalia; American; Avianca; British Airways; BMI; Condor; Continental; Copa; Delta; EL AL; Emirates; Iberia; KLM; Korean; LAN; Lufthansa; Nippon; PLUNA; Qatar; Singapore; South African; Spanair; Swiss; TAAG Angola; TACA; TAP; Turkish; United; US Airways.

Rio de Janeiro

TAM; GOL; TRIP; Puma; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Aerolineas Argentinas; Air Canada; Air France; Alitalia; American; Avianca; British Airways; BMI; Condor; Continental; Copa; Delta; Iberia; KLM; Korean; LAN; Lufthansa; PLUNA; Qatar; Swiss; TAAG Angola; TACA; TAP; United; US Airways.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air Canada; Air France; American; British Airways; BMI; Condor; Continental; Copa; Delta; Iberia; KLM; LAN; Lufthansa; Qatar; PLUNA; Swiss; TACA; TAP; United; US Airways.

Belo Horizonte

TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air Canada; Air France; American; Condor; Copa; Delta; Iberia; KLM; LAN; Lufthansa; Qatar; PLUNA; Swiss; TAP; United.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air Canada; Air Europa; Air France; American; Blu-Express; Condor; Continental; Delta; Iberia; KLM; LAN; Lufthansa; Qatar; TAP; TUIfly; United; US Airways.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air Canada; Air France; American; Condor; Continental; Iberia; KLM; LAN; Lufthansa; PLUNA; Qatar; Swiss; TAP; United.

Porto Alegre

TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Aerolineas Argentinas; Air Canada; Air France; American; Condor; Continental; Copa; Delta; Iberia; KLM; LAN; Lufthansa; PLUNA; Qatar; Swiss; TACA; TAP; United; US Airways.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air Canada; Air France; American;  Condor; Continental; Delta; Iberia; KLM; LAN; Qatar; TAP; TUIfly; United; US Airways.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air France; Air Italy; American; ArkeFly; Condor; Delta; Iberia; KLM; LAN; Qatar; TACV; TAP; United.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; Azul; Puma; SETE.

Air Caraibes; Air France; American; Condor; KLM; Surinam Airways; TAP; United.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air France; American; Condor; Continental; Delta; KLM; LAN; Qatar; Swiss; TAP; United.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; Azul; 

Air France; American; Condor; Copa; Delta; KLM; LAN; Qatar; TAP; United.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Air France; Air Italy; American; Condor; KLM; LAN; TAP; United.


TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Condor; Delta; KLM; TAP; United.

Campo Grande

TAM; GOL; TRIP; AviancaBrazil; Azul; 

Condor; Delta; KLM; Qatar; TAP; United.

Cities connected directly with Brazil: Buenos Aires; Montevideo; Santiago; Santa Cruz; Asuncion; Lima; Bogota; Caracas; Panama City; Mexico City; Miami; Orlando; New York; Atlanta; Washington DC; Houston; Charlotte; Los Angeles; London; Lisbon; Paris; Amsterdam; Madrid; Barcelona; Frankfurt; Rome; Cape Town; Johannesburg; Luanda; Abu Dhabi; Doha; Dubai; Kuala Lumpur; Seoul; Beijing; Tokyo. 

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